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Encinitas Fiberglass Roof

this is an image of fiberglass roof in Encinitas

Fiberglass has been around for a considerably long time, but it has only entered the roofing industry recently. Many Encinitas homeowners don't have enough information about this newer roofing product. Just like any other roofing material, fiberglass has its strengths and weaknesses. We will look at the pros and cons of fiberglass as a roofing material so that you can make an informed choice. Once you decide to go for fiberglass, you can give us a call on (760) 496-5285 as we are an experienced roofing contractor in Encinitas.

At Encinitas Roofing Pros, we have handled fiberglass installations for roofing, and all our work has been exemplary. Although fiberglass is a new roofing option, we have the necessary skills, and our experience and expertise guarantee you a perfect fiberglass roof. When you work with a contractor like us on a fiberglass roof, you get value for your money.

One of the reasons that have made fiberglass popular as a roofing material is the production of improved fiberglass suitable for roofing. With the new skills and massive production of improved fiberglass, many property owners have opted to go for fiberglass roofs. If you are one of the property owners who have opted for a fiberglass roof, call us on (760) 496-5285. We are the roofing company well equipped to install fiberglass roofs in Encinitas.

Pros of Fiberglass Roofs

These are some of the reasons why fiberglass is increasingly becoming popular in Encinitas as a roofing material. For trustworthy and experienced roofers in Encinitas, talk to us at Encinitas Roofing Pros.

Guaranteed Durability

Every home and property owner would go for a roofing option that guarantees durability without thinking twice. And that's just one of the reasons why fiberglass has gained that much popularity when it comes to roofing. A properly installed fiberglass roof has a lifespan of up to 25 years. Such an option is ideal for helping you forget about costly roof repairs.

Proper installation is the key to achieving durability when it comes to a fiberglass roof. Unlike other roofing companies in Encinitas, we listen to your preferences and advise you before installing your roof; to ensure no errors are made. A flawless fiberglass roof will certainly survive any storm damage. Contact us on (760) 496-5285 and get a fiberglass roof that is guaranteed to last for decades.


The list of final finishes that can be done on a fiberglass roof is endless. With this, we can get you a custom finished fiberglass roof that will make your house appealing. From custom colors to other designs, you stand to gain a lot from a fiberglass roof in terms of aesthetics.


fiberglass is also a well-known flexible material making it preferable over other options. We can install a fiberglass roof on any structure regardless of its shape. Be it a lightweight or green roof you want; fiberglass won't disappoint. With our expert roofers, we can install this type of roof on any structure in your home. All you have to do is call us on (760) 496-5285, and we will handle it.

Cons of Fiberglass Roof

As much as fiberglass roofs are what everyone is going for, here are some drawbacks that you should consider.

Higher Installation Costs

You will pay more to have a fiberglass roof installed on your structures. Compared to other common roofing options like metal and asphalt, fiberglass is known to be a bit expensive. But if you are determined to pay more at least work with an affordable roofing company like us. At Encinitas Roofing Pros, we have the most budget-friendly roofing services in Encinitas. Even when going for an expensive option like fiberglass, our low prices will help you spend less. 


Unlike other roofing options, fiberglass can't just be installed anytime. You will have to wait for the right weather conditions before installing a fiberglass roof. Fiberglass roofs can only be installed when it is dry if they are to be strong. Reach out to the best roofers in Encinitas by dialing (760) 496-5285. Our expert advice will help you know the right time to install a fiberglass roof on your structures.

Not Suitable for Large structures

If you are roofing a larger structure, fiberglass may not be a suitable option to go for. This is because there could be extreme expansion and contraction, which will affect your roof's durability and aesthetics. Fiberglass only works well with medium and small structures where contraction and expansion are minimal. For larger structures, we advise property owners to go for other alternatives.