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Encinitas Membrane Roof

this is an image of membrane roof in Encinitas

This is a simple roof that is mostly used for creating waterproof covering on the interior for extra protection. Membrane roofs are also used in the construction of water tanks. A few roofing contractors in Encinitas can professionally install a membrane roof for you at a lower price. Most contractors who offer better roofing services in Encinitas are expensive. With us, at Encinitas Roofing Pros, that is not the case.

At Encinitas Roofing Pros, we give you the best services without overcharging you to achieve your home improvement goals. Anytime you want quality and affordable services in Encinitas, (760) 496-5285 is the number to call. You won't spend more as we are a roofing contractor who works with your budget and delivers. Talk to us on (760) 496-5285 and sit back as we give you the services you wanted.

We highly discourage self-reliant works when it comes to installing membrane roofs. If you have no roofing experience, the only wise move will be to give us a call on (760) 496-5285. You are likely to make costly mistakes that will affect your membrane roof's performance and durability. A lot could go wrong when you decide to install a membrane roof by yourself. That is why you need to call us, get a free roof estimate for your project, and have our experts install it.

Types Of Membrane Roofs

There are three main types of membrane roofs. We will take a look at the three to help you choose the right type of membrane roof for your home. Our expert roofers have experience installing each of these membrane roofs in Encinitas, and you should get in touch with us if you need one.

Synthetic Rubber

To make a synthetic rubber membrane roof, large pieces of rubber usually flat are bound together. The binding is done at the seams to achieve a continuous membrane. It is a popular choice, thanks to its physical properties. If you want to enjoy all the advantages of a synthetic rubber roof, let our Encinitas roofers install it for you at an affordable price.

Other excellent properties this option has include tear, abrasion, and weathering resistance. Call us today on (760) 496-5285 if you need to install this type of roof, and you don't know how much to budget for it. We will give you a free estimate to help you plan before we can install it.

Thermoplastic Membrane

The only difference between a thermoplastic and synthetic rubber roof is that in thermoplastic, the seams are fused with heat. Thermoplastic membranes have a reinforcement layer that makes them stronger and stable. There are several types of thermoplastic membrane you can go for, but PVC and TPO are the most common ones.

Modified Bitumen

This type of membrane roof is made from asphalt and other solvents with rubber modifiers. The pieces here can be joined in several ways. For the heat method, the seams must be heated until they melt the asphalt, which creates a seal. Other methods used to connect pieces in modified bitumen include hot-mopped applications and self-adhesive and cold-applied adhesive membranes.

In Encinitas, you should give us a call if you need a perfect roof installed on your property. We install strong roofs that can withstand storm damage and protect your home for years.