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Encinitas Rolled Roofing

this is an image of rolled roofing in Encinitas

Rolled roofing is the ultimate answer for you if you don't want to incur the costs of shingle roofing materials. This is an easy and cost-effective roofing alternative that will work for you if you want to save on costs. We are an expert roofing contractor in Encinitas with years of experience in rolled roofing. Give us a call today on (760) 496-5285 if you need exemplary rolled roofing services.

Although rolled roofing is easier than other roofing options, you will still need help from experts like us. Self-reliant methods shouldn't be on your mind if you are a serious property owner. Calling in professionals like us who offer affordable roofing services is the best decision you can make. A roofing company like us with professional roofers gives you peace of mind when working on your project. Reach out to us today, and you will not regret working with us.

Rolled roofing is an option recommended for structures that are not occupied like garages and sheds. So if you are wondering which cheaper option will be ideal for your shed or garage, rolled roofing is the answer. However, you will need to know enough before going to the store to buy the rolls for roofing. This article will help you know everything about rolled roofing in Encinitas. Alternatively, you can reach out to us at Encinitas Roofing Pros for consultations, free roof estimates, and other roofing services.

What Are Roofing Rolls?

This is a common roofing product with minerals on its surface. Roofing rolls in Encinitas are easily available in home improvement stores. When compared to asphalt composite shingles, rolled roofing is way cheaper and less durable. Give us a call today at Encinitas Roofing Pros if you need expert help and advice on rolled roofing. Being the most trusted roofing contractor in Encinitas, we will certainly deliver to your expectations.

Where Can Rolled Roofing Be Used

Unlike its other roofing counterparts, rolled roofing is not used everywhere due to some of its properties. These are the places where you can use rolled roofing instead of going for other expensive roofing options:

Unoccupied Structures

Like we said before, rolled roofing will work well for structures that are not occupied by people. This can range from sheds, garages, barns, and even potting sheds. Instead of going for a costly option for a mere garage roof, you could buy rolls and have us install them on the roof. This will help you save some money that can be used for other projects. If you want to know how much it will cost to roof that shed or garage talk to us and get a free roof estimate from us. 

On Low-Sloped Roofs

For low sloping roofs, rolled roofing can be used to cut on the roofing costs. However, for this case, the concealed nail fastening method must be used to ensure the rolled roof's longevity. We are the roofing experts you need to talk to if you need a rolled roof for a roof with a declining roof pitch. The rolled roofs we build can withstand storm damage and last for years.

Call us at (760) 496-5285 for excellent roofing services in Encinitas, CA!