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Encinitas Tile Roofs

this picture shows encinitas pros tile roofs

Tiles make for a great roof that can, in return, make for a better return on investment than other roof types. Tiles are sturdy and durable, with a lifespan of over 50-70 years. With them on your roof, therefore, the problem of wind or hail damage can never be one of your concerns for years to come.

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About Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are locally and readily available since the materials used to make them, slate and terracotta are too. Tiles can also be made from modern materials including clay and concrete. With a waterproof glaze, tiles become a good roofing companion that helps to keep rainwater from sipping through the roof into the house.

Tiles are installed in an overlapping manner where the upper one overlaps the one below it to allow rainwater to flow down. They can be fixed together using nails or other fasteners and also get laid in particular positions, especially where the planes of different pitches meet.

Tile Shapes

Over time, there has been an extensive array of tile shapes or profiles evolving. One can, therefore, go for either of the following:

Flat Tiles

This is the simplest tile profile. The tiles are placed one on top of the other in regular pattern rows. The tiles are made from clay but may also come from concrete, solar cells, wood, plastic, or stone materials. 


This profile has tiles that are sort of vertical blocks, and that end the cover tiles off roofs.

Plain Clay Tiles

Double-lap tiles made from clay and other modern materials.

Imbrex and Tegula

This profile employs the pattern of Ancient Roman whereby flat and curved tiles create rain-channels on the roof.

Roman Tiles

These tiles have flattened middle and have a concave curve at one end and convex curve at other for easy interlocking.


The tiles have an S-shaped appearance and this allows for the adjacent tiles interlocking pattern. The pantiles allow for a ridge pattern that resembles a plowed field.

Interlocking Roof Tiles

These are similar to the pantiles. It has a side-and-top locking pattern that allows for optimum protection from wind damage and water.

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