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Encinitas Types of Roof

this is an image of types of roofs in Encinitas

Choosing the right roof for your house may be easy if you only know a handful of them. But once you realize there is a ton of roof types in the industry, choosing becomes an uphill task. Choosing the best roof for your home goes way beyond just the design. To choose the best roof, you must put several things into consideration. At Encinitas Roofing Pros, we are the roofing company that helps homeowners make the right choices for any type of roofs in Encinitas.

Without considering all the necessary factors, you may choose the wrong type of roof for your structure. Reaching out to us is a good move if you are unsure of what option to go for. It is as easy as dialing (760) 496-5285 and talking to us about your roofing issues. A roofing company like us is what you need to achieve your roofing goals.

Once we help you choose the right roof, we can go ahead and start installing it for you at an affordable price. We are the most qualified roofing contractor in Encinitas, and we can do a perfect installation for any type of roof you choose. These are the types of roof our roofers can install in Encinitas. Call us on (760) 496-5285 if you want any of this roof installed for you.


Also called peaked or pitched roof, it is a popular roof in Encinitas. Their prominent triangular shape makes them easily recognizable. They are mostly preferred because they can easily shed snow and water. They also provide enough space ceiling and ventilation. Their biggest drawback is that they are prone to damage in stormy areas. We are the best roofing company in Encinitas to install a gable roof for you.

Hip Roof

With a hip roof, the slopes are on all sides with equal length. Hip roofs are preferred over gable ones because of their stability. The four sloping sides provide enough strength to withstand wind damage. The only Con with this type of roof is that you will spend more to install it. This calls for an affordable roofing contractor in Encinitas.

Gambrel Roof

The gambrel type of roof has two sloping sides. This type of roof provides extra space that can be used as an attic or living space. In places with frequent storms wind and hail, a gambrel roof can easily give in to hail damage.

Flat Roof

This is a flat roof without a pitch. The only pitch on flat roofs is the one for drainage to allow water to run off. A flat roof is ideal if you want to install anything on the roof like a solar panel. The only disadvantage of flat roofs is that they are prone to water damage and leaks.

Mansard Roof

Commonly known as French roofs, mansard roofs are four-sided with a slope on each side. Mansard roofs are a good option if you want to have more living space in your home. If you also want flexibility, which will allow you to make structural adjustments, this is the ideal option.

Skillion Roof

This is a single flat roof that is attached to a taller wall in most cases. It is ideal for porches and sheds, but they can also be used as structures. We are a competent contractor experienced in installation and roof repairs. Give us a call on (760) 496-5285 for the best services in Encinitas.

Jerkinhead Roof

A Jerkinhead roof is similar to garble only that it has hipped ends. This is a stable roof that withstands hail damage and provides more space for living.

Curved Roof

A curved roof is almost similar to a skillion roof, with the only difference being curved planes. This is an aesthetically appealing roof that will give your home a whole new look.


Just like a pyramid, this type of roof has all its sides joined at the top. It lacks verticals sides. A pyramid roof is resistant to wind damage.

Dome Roof

This is an aesthetically appealing type of roof that will give your home an elegant, lavish look. Reach out to us today if you need a dome roof in your home.

Give us a call at (760) 496-5285 for the best roofing services in Encinitas.