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Encinitas Wood Roofing (Shingles and Shakes)

this picture shows wood roofings by encinitas roofing pros

Shakes and shingles wood roofing are the best roofing there is. A shake is a wooden shingle that is made from split logs; while both are wood tiles gotten from sawn or split wooden blocks. These two materials can make for excellent roofing, and with the right roofing contractor, you can have a roof that makes your building stand out amid thousands of others.

We are the right roofing contractor and guarantee to get the job done. We are Encinitas Roofing Pros, and getting the job done right is a specialty that we boast of. With hundreds of jobs to show for, we guarantee that you are also dealing with a team that understands every detail of wooden roofing.

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Shingles and Shakes Wood Roofing

At Encinitas Roofing pros, we provide you with unmatched roofing services using wood shingles and shakes in Encinitas. We have decades of hands-on experience handling such projects and can, without a doubt, promise you that you are dealing with the right team. Contact us and let us discuss your shingles and shakes roof installation, roof repairs, and also get you exclusive advice on the recommended roofing ideas.

The two materials are not entirely different. However, you can tell that they are varying with the results on the roof. Also, the shakes are hand-split for them to attain a more rustic appearance; while the shingles are machine cut and tapered for them to achieve a clean and crisp appearance. Regardless of the material that you use, though, the results will be stunning and distinctive as long as the expert roofers from Encinitas Roofing Pros are holding the reigns.

Wooden Roofs and Maintenance

Wood shingles and shakes may demand periodic maintenance checks and treatment using fungicides and preservatives. This helps to keep the roofs safe from cracking, warping, or drying out.  In addition, it helps to avoid attacks by fungus, insects, and mildew. Additionally, it would be advisable to keep on recoating the roof after several years. This is true especially if spray-on fire retardants had been used on the roof and if you need to keep your roof safe from fire damage.

Also, you may need to trim or cut off overhanging tree branches. The vegetation may hold moisture and drop it on the roof or provide too much shade that may result in the wood dampening. It is also worth noting that wooden roofing needs to breathe freely for it to perform optimally and for long, be free of fungi, moss, moisture, and other wood damaging elements.

Get the Best Wood Roofing Contractors

Our team of roofing technicians can advise you further on all these considerations. Get talking to us and give us a chance to serve you.

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